Biogas for heavy transport

Denmark | May 2019 - July 2019

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses carried out an evaluation of the options for, and consequences of, putting vans and lorries fuelled by biogas and diesel on equal economic footing from the perspective of the vehicle owner.

The analysis was carried out by

  • evaluating suggested changing taxes made by Grøn Gas Danmark
  • going through relevant cost aspects for the fleet owner
  • interviews
  • comparative cost calculations
  • a simplified proposal for reduction of energy taxes.

A conclusion was that a reduction in taxes is necessary if economic parity is to be achieved. This could for instance be removing the countervailing charge, removing the green owner’s charge, granting a discount on the registration fee, or providing a discount on the energy tax.

The project was carried out for Grøn Gas Danmark and ran from May to July 2019.

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