Biomass plan of action for Randers, Norddjurs and Syddjurs municipalities

Denmark | January 2012 - August 2012

The Danish part of the EU financed ENERCOAST project is lead by Agro Business Park/INBIOM and is based on the biomass potential in Region Midtjylland (administrative region in Jutland), specifically in Norddjurs, Syddjurs and Randers municipalities.

Action plan for raised production and use of biomass

As a part of the ENERCOAST project, Ea Energy Analyses developed an action plan for biomass for energy production for the three municipalities. The action plan covers the coming 10 years.

The task was made up of three main parts

  • A resource analysis, which deals with the resource potential in the three municipalities, the yield from using farming and forest areas for increased biomass production and the consequenses to the environment from this
  • An analysis of usage, which deals with the sale and technical use of biomass in the energy supply
  • The creation of a specific plan of action for biomass for each of the three municipalities with recommendations for the municipal authorities, as well as other municipalities that want to start similar work