Catalogue of prerequisites for preparation of municipal heating plans

Denmark | August 2022 - November 2022

Political agreements from the summer of 2022 entails that the Danish municipalities has to have plans for green heating before the end of 2022. This leaves municipalities and utility companies with a very short timeframe for carrying out realistic heat plans, which are also socio-economically supported.

The project “Energi på Tværs” (”Energy across”) wishes to support the municipalities in the best way when they are developing heat plans already by 2022, and in the following work on approval and implementation of the plans. Energi på Tværs is a regional energy transition project made up of municipalities from the Capitol Region of Denmark, the Region of Zealand, utility companies, and the Capitol Region of Denmark.

Ea Energy Analyses has aided Energi på Tværs in creating an easily understandable catalogue, which the municipalities can use for socio-economical assessment of their heating plans. The catalogue contains an updated overview of prerequisites for socio-economical calculations and identifies a number of key prerequisites, which are particularly sensitive for the economy, when project proposals and heating plans are assessed.

The project ran from August to November 2022, and the catalogue can be downloaded here.