Climate plan Helsingør Municipality 2045

Denmark | November 2019 - March 2020

During 2018 and 2019, Ea Energy Analyses assisted Helsingør Municipality in developing an action and climate plan for the municipality towards 2030, based on a wish for a comprehensive and fast change built around the UN Climate Goals. The climate plan focused on restructuring of the individual heat supplies and district heating supplies to renewable energy sources especially, as well as the transition of the transport sector, with a goal of reducing the emissions of the municipality to 1,7 tonnes per citizen in 2030.

In this project, which was carried out during 2019, the path of reductions for the Helsingør Municipality Climate Plan is extended to 2045, where the goal is zero emission for the municipality collectively. The transition of the heat sector is expected to be possible to carry out with a targeted effort towards 2045, where especially renewable electricity is anticipated to be a source for heating in the long term. Private transport is expected to be able to transition almost completely towards 2045, while it will be more complicated with heavy transport and international flying in particular. By using Carbon Capture and Storage, CCS, and by buying quotas, it will however be possible to reach the goals of the municipality in 2045.