Contributions to the 70% reduction target

Denmark | March 2022 - August 2022

The Danish municipalities work on energy and climate agendas through the DK2020 project. The purpose of DK2020 is to provide a shared framework for all Danish municipalities, in which they can develop climate action plans that are in concurrence with the Paris Agreement.

Ea Energy Analyses has mapped the climate action plans that have been developed for the 20 pilot municipalities in the DK2020 project, and which were alle completed by spring 2021. The pilot municipalities represent close to a quarter of the Danish population, and close to a fifth of the area and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the analysis the focus was on

  • The targets of the municipalities
  • The size of the reductions achieved
  • Which actions that have the greatest impact
  • How far we could get, if the climate plans of the pilot municipalities were scaled to cover all of Denmark.

The project was carried out for Concito and Realdania. A resulting report Analyse af kommunernes CO2-reduktionsbidrag til 70%-målsætningen i 2030 can be downloaded (in Danish) on this page.

Further analyses of climate action plans

Ea has subsequently carried out analyses of climate action plans for 39 municipalities participating in the DK2020 programme. The 39 municipalities represent about 40% of the Danish population, more than 40% of the geographical and agricultural area, as well as almost half the greenhouse gas emissions. The report Analyse af kommunernes CO2-reduktionsbidrag til 70%-målsætningen i 2030 – Rul 1-kommunerne (in Danish) can be downloaded on this page.