Energy savings potential in renovations

Denmark | February 2020 - May 2020

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses has carried out an analysis for EjendomDanmark (The Danish Property Federation) with the purpose of clarifying the potential for energy savings and carbon emissions connected to renovations in commercial properties and rental housing.

Buildings are a sizeable source of carbon emissions, but at the same time the options for reducing the emissions are relatively cheap, and there are known technical solutions.

In the analysis it is taken into consideration that a change in user behavior after energy renovations often reduces the actual saving on energy use. This is called a ‘rebound effect’ and can be caused by the fact that a part of the saving is used for higher temperature comfort.

The analysis shows that energy renovation leading to a 30% reduction of carbon emissions in 2050 and about 10% reduction in 2030 is cheaper than expanding with renewable energy. Furthermore, by investing in more initiatives, both energy savings and initiatives for green conversion of the heat supply, greater certainty will be provided that the goals for reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030 will be met.

The project ran from February to May 2020.