GreenLab Skive

Denmark | January 2020 - December 2025

The main purpose of the GreenLab Skive P2X project is to demonstrate and develop an effective interaction between solar and wind energy, infrastructure, storage, and production of hydrogen and methanol – and other electrofuels down the road. There is a strong focus on synergies, symbiosis, integration and optimization of operation between both the various components of the P2X plant, and between the P2X plant and neighbouring companies in the business area. This will provide knowledge on valuation and distribution of the green fuels, both onsite and offsite.

GreenLab Skive will be producing hydrogen and methanol from power from new wind and solar production capacity, and work as a demonstration of the technology, economy and operation of a large-scale and flexible electrofuel site in Denmark. This will provide the prerequisites for upscaling and optimisation of future similar production sites, and in the long run also production of ammonia.

Furthermore, the project plays a part in solving the “chicken or the egg” challenge in production of electrofuels, and solving the storage issues in the future energy system. Experiences from this and similar projects will be crucial for meeting the Danish goal of a 70% carbon reduction in 2030.

Ea Energy Analyses contributes with modelling of the operation of GreenLab Skive, and also played a critical part in getting funding for the project from Energilagringspuljen (the energy storage pool).

The project is carried out for the Danish Energy Agency. It had its inception in January 2020 and is expected to be completed in 2025.