Greenland and the Paris Agreement

Arctic Region | June 2022 - March 2023

In cooperation with the department for agriculture, self-sufficiency, energy, and environment in Greenland, Ea has carried out an analysis of Greenland’s options for entering the Paris Agreement.

The analysis focused on the obligations Greenland would have as a part of the Paris Agreement, and what it would take for the Greenlandic society to reduce its climate footprint.

An assessment included in the analysis made by Kammeradvokaten (the preferred law firm of the Danish Government) concludes that Greenland, in cooperation with the Danish government, will be able to set a target for reductions that is different from the Danish target.

Initiatives to expand on hydropower that has already been started will be able to reduce Greenland’s emissions, but the greatest challenges for Greenland will be to transform the fishing and shipping industries, aviation, and energy consumption in cities and settlements without access to hydropower.

The full analysis can be downloaded on this site. It is divided into a main report summarising the main conclusions, and an extended report which has an in-dept treatment of the themes.