Heat Plan Greater Copenhagen 1

Denmark | April 2008 - June 2009

In April 2008, the heating companies VEKS, Copenhagen Energy (now HOFOR) and the Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission company (known as CTR) initiated a project aimed at drawing up an overall plan for the development of the district heating supply in the metropolitan area.

The objective of the project was to enable the heating companies to ensure a reasonable development in heat prices and energy efficiency while at the same time maintaining security of supply, reducing CO2 emissions and integrating more renewable energy into the heat production.

Future heat sources

One of the objectives of the project was to examine which heat sources would be economically and environmentally attractive in the metropolitan district heating system, including which types of small-scale technologies that would integrate well with combined heat and power (CHP) and district heating.

Ea was consultant to the project. One of our tasks was to make scenario analyses towards 2025, and with perspectives towards 2050. The analyses were coordinated with the activities of VEKS, Copenhagen Energy and CTR within this field. These included assessments of the need for grid investments and reassessment of the definition of areas. The data basis, the CHP part and the grid part of the energy market model Balmorel were further developed and used for this project.

The project ran from April 2008 to June 2009.