Heat production tool for Frederiksberg Forsyning

Denmark | February 2023 - January 2024

The heat production companies CTR, HOFOR, and VEKS are running the joint load dispatch unit Varmelast.dk, which takes care of the daily heat planning and ensures that the load dispatch of the CHP plants in the capital area is managed through a joint economic optimisation.

Frederiksberg Forsyning (supply company in Copenhagen area Frederiksberg) wanted a tool for reporting to Varmelast about their new drink water heat pump, which is expected to start running in 2023. By participating in Varmelast, the heat pump contributes with heat production and flexibility, so it can be utilised in advantage to the entire district heating system, allowing Frederiksberg Forsyning to optimise the operation in relation to the electricity system at the same time.

Ea is developing the tool so it can read in data and calculate the heat production. This will provide an overview for control and possibility for manual changes before the data files can be sent off to Varmelast.

The project runs from February 2023 to January 2024.