Load dispatch of district heating production in the Greater Copenhagen area

Denmark | January 2008 - On going

The district heating companies CTR, HOFOR and VEKS run a common load dispatch unit (Varmelast.dk), which takes care of the daily heat planning of operations and ensure that load dispatch on CHP plants in the Greater Copenhagen area is based on an overall economic optimisation.

Varmelast.dk prepares heat plans for district heating supplied as water and as steam after an agreement with the heat producers DONG Energy and Vattenfall (now HOFOR) in 2007.

Responsible for follow-up on operation of the CHP plants

In addition to the daily planning of the heat supply in cooperation with DONG Energy and HOFOR, Varmelast.dk is also responsible for daily and long-term follow-up on operation of the CHP plants. This work is coordinated with the control rooms of CTR and VEKS as well as the back office departments of each of the three heating companies.

Ongoing support and analyses

Ea Energy Analyses has assisted the heating companies in establishing the load dispatch unit, Varmelast.dk, and since then Ea has also developed various IT tools for the daily load dispatch and for the operational follow-up. The work is continued and focusses on maintenance and further development of tools. Furthermore, Ea Energy Analyses supports Varmelast.dk in their use of the tools, and designs analyses for the heat planning.