Mapping of potential for wind and solar RE in Lejre Municipality

Municipal energy and climate planning | January 2024 - May 2024

Ea has carried out an analysis of the potential for wind and solar RE in Lejre Municipality to support the work on integrating RE in the municipality. By 2030, Lejre Municipality has a goal of setting up new RE capacity to produce 150.000 MWh per year.

The analysis was done by using GIS software, with a model that Ea developed for the project. The result was a complete assessment of the potential for windmills and solar PV in Lejre Municipality in MW and MWh production per year, as well as an assessment of specific areas that has potential for establishing wind and solar.

The analysis will be a part of future planning work on wind and solar in Lejre Municipality, and will support the municipality in reaching their local targets.

The project runs from January to May 2024, the report can be downloaded on this page.

Map of Lejre Municipality with areas scored by their potential for setting up wind turbines. Grey areas are deemed unsuitable.