Prefeasibility studies in the Indonesian provinces North Sulawesi and Riau

Indonesia | September 2020 - December 2021

The 2019 Energy Outlook Reports for the Indonesian provinces of North Sulawesi and Riau concluded that both provinces have a large potential for renewable energy, providing a cost-efficient solution towards a green transition. 

Consequently, the high RE-potential and the cost-competitiveness of RE demonstrate that the cheapest possible power system in these provinces by 2050 has a much larger share of RE compared to current plans, suggesting the targets could be revised.

The objective of this project was to do prefeasibility studies for North Sulawesi and Riau for RE projects with technologies that have been proved economically feasible by the modelling activities for the Energy Outlook Reports. Case-specific data was collected and case-specific studies of RE projects were undertaken. The purpose was to identify and demonstrate variable RE projects to provide comprehensive knowledge of the potential for renewable energy and recommendations on how the development of renewable energy projects can be carried out.

The product ran from September 2020 to December 2021.