Socio-economic consequences of the green transition in Sønderborg

Denmark | April 2022 - September 2022

Sønderborg Municipality has a target of having a carbon neutral energy system by 2029. The municipality has already come far, as the emissions was reduced by 52% in 2020 compared to the emissions of 2007, where the target was set. The road to reach zero emissions by 2029 has been laid out in ProjectZero Masterplan 2029, which shows the “most technically feasible and cost-effective road towards zero emissions”.

The Masterplan has a particular focus on sector coupling, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness, and on demonstrating solutions that can be used in other Danish cities and across country borders.

For ProjectZero, Ea has done an analysis to uncover the socio-economic consequences of the green transition, how they are distributed within the specific areas of transition, and what carrying out the energy efficiency actions will mean for the total costs.

The project ran from April to September 2022.