Strategic energy plan for Næstved Municipality

Denmark | February 2019 - May 2020

The purpose of the project was to investigate how Næstved Municipality going forward is ensured cheap and environmentally friendly heating that will work for years going forward. As the current district heating supply in Næstved is based almost 100% on waste heat, an analysis of the future framework for the waste heat sector and the economic conditions of the AffaldPlus waste heat plant were included.

The project was to, among other things, deliver input for the updated municipal heating plan, on how big a share of the heating demands of the town it would be environmentally and economically efficient to cover with district heating.

The project covered the following tasks

  • Analysis of framework for the heat supply
  • Analysis of framework for waste disposal
  • Status of the energy supply for Næstved
  • Analysis of scenarios for the future heat supply, including various combinations of heat production compared to individual heat solutions

The analysis is made on the basis of a joint order from Næstved Municipality, AffaldPlus and Næstved Fjernvarme