Support for development of heat plan

Denmark | August 2022 - February 2023

At a national level, the political ambition is to phase out gas for indoor space heating by 2035. Today, individual gas boilers cover almost 80% of the heating in Allerød Municipality, while district heating based on natural gas covers a large amount of the remaining 20%.

District heating company Norfors has presented a plan for the rollout of district heating in Allerød Municipality, but a large share of the municipality is not covered by the plan. Heat pumps are the obvious solution for green heating outside the district heating areas, but in dense low-rise buildings such as terraced houses and semi-detached houses, potential noise problems can pose a challenge for using this technology, and at the same time, there will rarely be room for alternative heat pump solutions, such as ground heating.

Ea supported Allerød Municipality in the development of a new heat plan; an important tool for homeowners, companies etc. in planning the future heat supply. The heat plan was to give an idea of where district heating could be expected and where alternative solutions would have to be found, either joint, communal solutions (for instance termonet, a version of ground heating that supplies several homes/buildings) or individual solutions, such as heat pumps.

The project ran from August 2022 to February 2023.