CITIES – IT-Intelligent Energy Systems in Cities

Denmark | January 2014 - December 2018

Ea Energy Analyses participates in the project CITIES (Centre for IT-Intelligent Energy Systems in Cities) led by the Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University.

The objective of CITIES is to develop tools for the implementation of integrated energy system solutions. The aim is to exploit the latent flexibility of the energy system through intelligent integration and planning, to establish a realistic pathway towards achieving independence of fossil fuels.

CITIES seeks to research and develop methodologies and advanced information and communication technology solutions (ITC solutions) for the analysis, operation and development of fully integrated urban energy systems. This includes short-term operational models that feed longer term planning models.

The project CITIES establishes an integrated research centre covering all aspects of the energy system, including gas, power, district heating/cooling and biomass with the purpose of developing methods to forecast, control and optimise their interactions.