Transition to renewable energy in the Capital Region of Denmark

Denmark | April 2015 - June 2015

The Capital Region of Denmark has set targets to be a green and innovative metropole and has outlined a strategy of growth and development, where the objective is to make the capital free from the use of fossil fuels. Through a transition of the energy system towards renewable energy, the target is to end the use of fossil based electricity and heat by 2035.
Ea Energy Analyses has carried out a baseline for accumulated emissions of CO2 and created a catalogue of measures with firm priorities and steps for relevant participants, which can contribute to realising the targets in the regional climate plan.
In addition to the catalogue of measures, the project also involved establishing an overview of the most important existing plans and initiatives, and undertaking an evaluation of potentials for CO2 reduction and green growth.
Ea Energy Analyses conducted the task on behalf of The Capital Region of Denmark.