Energy scenarios for Mexico

Balmorel: Power system model | July 2016 - June 2017

Mexico has ambitious goals in terms of expansion of clean energy within the electricity sector and reducing national CO2 emissions. The objective of this project is to strengthen the power system planning capabilities on the part of the Mexican authorities, e.g. Secretaría de Energía, SENER, and Centro Nacional de Control de Energía, CENACE.
As a part of the project, Ea Energy Analyses has implemented the representation of the Mexican power system in the Balmorel modelling framework and carried out scenario analyses. The model is set up with 53 transmission regions. Each region is described with its hourly electricity demand, its hourly wind and solar resource, as well as all generators have been allocated to the relevant regions.

The model is then used to simulate a number of scenarios of the development of the system until 2050. The model uses a technology catalogue and invests in least cost expansion of the system. The scenarios take into consideration the goals for clean energy (energìa limpia) as well as alternative policy set ups with CO2 pricing. Location of wind and solar is a balance between 1) resource availability (wind speed and solar radiation) and 2) the electricity price in each region. The model optimises this – and computes the best location of wind and solar.

In addition, Balmorel training of the Mexican experts has been carried out, as well as a local set-up for model operation in Mexico has been developed.

Ea Energy Analyses carries out the project in close cooperation with the Danish Energy Agency,, the Department of General planning (SENER), CENACE and the SIMISE project team.