PSS/E grid modelling in Vietnam

Balmorel: Power system model | November 2018 - May 2019

The objective of the project was to extract insights and improve the Balmorel power system modelling by linking the PSS/E grid model with the Balmorel model. The PSS/E linking will result in additional insights on the impact of including larger shares of variable renewable energy on the Vietnamese power grid. These insights can be used to either verify the simplified approach to grid modelling used in Balmorel, or to improve the Balmorel scenario analyses by adding additional constraints.

Including detailed insights from the grid modelling in the Balmorel scenarios used in the Energy Outlook Report 2019 will add further credibility and validity to the results of the analysis and alleviate the prevailing concerns regarding the more technical feasibility aspects of integrating large shares of RE in the Vietnamese power system.

The project is part of the Energy Partnership Programme between Viet Nam and Denmark (DEPP). The objective of the development engagement is to make Viet Nam’s energy system more sustainable through implementation of cost-optimised policy and planning.