New technology catalogues for Viet Nam 2023

Energy storage | November 2022 - November 2023

In November 2023, the Danish Energy Agency, the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi, EREA (Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority, Vietnam), Institute of Energy in Vietnam, and Ea Energy Analyses published two technology catalogues for Viet Nam: ”Viet Nam Technology Catalogue for Power Generation” og ”Viet Nam Technology Catalogue for Energy Storage, Renewable fuels, Power-to-X”.

The Viet Nam Technology Catalogue for Power Generation is an update of the earlier publication from 2021, while Viet Nam Technology Catalogue for Energy Storage, Renewable fuels, Power-to-X is a new catalogue. In their analysis work, Viet Nam is now not only looking at green transition in the power sector, but in the energy system as a whole. There has therefore been a need to expand the technology basis with a catalogue about gaseous and liquid fuels based on renewable energy. For the catalogue on electricity production technologies, Ea has been in charge of updating selected chapter texts, as well as creating a few new chapters, including nuclear power, biomass co-firing with coal, hydrogen co-firing in gas turbines, hydrogen pipe connections, and ammonia co-firing in coal power plants. In the new catalogue on green fuels new chapters and data sheets has been made on several technologies, including various types of batteries, flywheels, compressed air energy storage plants, electrolysis, and ammonia and methanol synthesis. The development of the catalogues has also comprised workshops and extensive dialogue with Vietnamese actors in the industry.

The work took place from November 2022 to November 2023. Ea has also been involved in the publishing of earlier editions of Vietnamese technology catalogues in both 2019 and 2021.