Boosting Renewable Energy as part of China’s Energy Revolution

China | January 2015 - December 2020

Boosting Renewable Energy as a part of China’s energy revolution is a strategic research project – a five-year program – sponsored by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). CIFF engagement priorities stem from the recognition that Climate change disproportionately affects children living in poverty in developing countries.

The object is to deliver scientific research based on hard data and detailed analyses as input to the Chinese decision-making using modelling and energy analyses of the Chinese Energy Supply.

The main activities of the program:

  • Detailed RE scenarios for China using the CREAM model suite
  • RE friendly power grid development strategies
  • Power system flexibility
  • Boosting distributed energy
  • China Renewable Energy Outlook

The programme’s flagship publication is the China Renewable Energy Outlook, released annually from 2016.

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