Biomass statistics for 2019

Denmark | March 2020 - November 2020

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses estimated the development in Denmark’s consumption of firewood, straw, wood chips, wood waste and wood pellets outside the supply sector, as well as the import of these fuels in 2019. The estimate was for use in the preliminary and final 2019 annual energy statistics done by the Danish Energy Agency.

The consumption numbers are categorised by usage in

  • Private homes
  • Public service
  • Farming
  • Industry

For firewood, the estimated development turned out to match the result of an investigation of the usage of firewood conducted by the Danish Energy Agency, together with Statistics Denmark.

The project ran from March to October 2020.

In earlier projects Ea Energy Analyses investigated the use of wood pellets and firewood, as well as a yearly estimate of biomass import and usage. Read more about these projects by following the links below: