Climate plan for Frederiksberg Municipality

Denmark | April 2020 - October 2020

Frederiksberg Municipality wishes to take co-responsibility for the green transition, and the municipality has therefore set several ambitious climate objectives as a framework for the work on the energy system of the municipality:

  • 2020: carbon emissions must be reduced by 50% compared to 2005
  • 2030: Climate neutrality. An 85% reduction in carbon emissions in the municipality compared to 2005. The reduction of the remaining 15% can be achieved by actions taken outside the municipality
  • 2050: Carbon emissions must be reduced by 10% compared to 2005 without using compensation measures

Along with 19 other Danish municipalities, Frederiksberg Municipality participates in the DK2020 project, which is to assist the municipalities in developing action-oriented climate plans.

In 2012, Ea aided Frederiksberg Municipality in preparing the current strategic energy plan, and in 2016 we updated the scenario analyses. In relation to the municipality’s participation in DK2020, an update of baseline and new scenario analyses were requested.

For the analyses, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions were projected for the following three scenarios:

  • Reference scenario, drawn up on the basis of expected developments and national climate policy. Hypothetically, Frederiksberg Municipality and its strategic partners are assumed to be passive in this scenario
  • Action scenario, building on the reference scenario, but here it is assumed that Frederiksberg Municipality and its partners carry out local actions, which has been presented in the Sustainability Plan, the Frederiksberg Strategy etc.
  • Objective scenario, which contains further actions on municipal, regional and national level, to ensure that Frederiksberg reaches its climate objectives for 2030 and 2050. Actions and remedies in the objective scenario will therefore be suggestions for actions or types of actions that are necessary to carry out, in addition to the actions that have already been decided upon.

The updated scenario analyses showed how far expected national and municipal actions could take Frederiksberg Municipality towards meeting their goals, and which further actions and efforts that would be necessary on municipal and state level.

The project ran from April to October 2020.