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9 December 2020

Ea is quoted in Ingeniøren

Ea Energy Analyses carries out scenario analyses of the development of the power system in Denmark, Europe and several other countries and regions. The most recent analyses show..

25 November 2020

Hydrogen and PtX in the future energy system

The brief “Brint og Ptx i fremtidens energisystem” (Hydrogen and PtX in the future energy system) has been prepared by Ea Energy Analyses for Dansk Energi (lobby organisation..

Ongoing Projects

The Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios project will identify technological solutions and develop energy scenarios on how the Nordic energy sector can achieve carbon neutrality and how this implicates..

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses is aiding Region Syddanmark (administrative region covering southern Jutland and Fyn) in preparing a climate strategy, which will explore possible actions the..

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses estimated the development in Denmark’s consumption of firewood, straw, wood chips, wood waste and wood pellets outside the supply sector, as well..