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11 May 2021

Innovation award for EuroGrid

The EuroGrid project has been awarded the Innovation Award from Energy Cluster Denmark. Ea Energy Analyses entered a partnership with ENFOR, DTU and ├śrsted to carry out the..

27 April 2021

Debate post on green certificates

Related to a current bill (L-148) that is to promote renewable energy, Hans Henril Lindboe of Ea Energy Analyses has written a debate post for the online media..

18 March 2021

New update of the Indonesia Technology Catalogue

In partnership with the Directorate General of Electricity in Indonesia (DGE) and the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses has updated the 2017 Indonesian technology catalogue. The existing..

Ongoing Projects

The main purpose of the GreenLab Skive P2X project is to demonstrate and develop an effective interaction between solar and wind energy, infrastructure, storage, and production of hydrogen..